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Water Ways

With water covering over 71% of the Earth, it has a big impact on our lives. It affects our climate, agriculture, industry, transportation and more. The Smithsonian’s Museum on Main Street program has a new traveling exhibit “Water/Ways.” It explores the importance of water and how it is at the center of our culture and our environment. There are 5 copies of the traveling exhibit across the country. We are excited to be hosting it here in South Central Nebraska at the Nebraska Prairie Museum in Holdrege beginning on November 17th and running through December 21st.

The exhibit will look at water from many different angles. From irrigation, livestock, wildlife, human consumption, recreation, inspiration and anything else related to water. It explores questions like: How does water affect the way we live, work, worship, create and play? How do we care for water and sustain it for the future?

This year long tour across Nebraska which began in June and ends in April of 2019 has two other stops after Holdrege. In January it will go to Alliance then Gering for the last stop in the state. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to experience and celebrate all things water! The exhibit began touring in 2016 and will have traveled for 6 years to more than 180 small towns across 30 states.

Water is so important to Nebraska that we have defined our natural resources districts by river basins. Each river system has unique needs and concerns allowing each NRD to focus on their individual challenges and demands while considering the state as a whole. For more information about this exhibit click on the links below or contact our

Museum on Main Street "Water/Ways"

Humanities Nebraska "Water/Ways"

Nebraska Prairie Museum

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