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During a special month-long campaign called “No Tillage November”, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and its partners are encouraging Nebraska farmers “keep the stubble” on their harvested crop fields and improve soil health.

The project is mirrored after the national cancer awareness No Shave November campaign that encourages people not the shave during the entire month. The campaign encourages farmers to keep tillage equipment in their machine sheds this fall and keep the crop stubble on their fields.

“No till farming is a cornerstone soil health conservation practice, which also promotes water quality while saving farmers time and money,” said State Conservationist Craig Derickson. “One of the first soil health principles is ‘do not disturb’. This campaign is a fun way to remind farmers about the important relationship between tillage and soil health.”

Improving soil health increases soil biological activity, which provides erosion control, nutrient benefits and can simulate tillage.

For more information about soil health and the No Tillage November campaign, please go to





 Pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 46-755, the Upper Republican Natural Resources District (NRD), Middle Republican NRD, Lower Republican NRD, and Tri-Basin NRD (Districts) and the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (Department) hereby provide notice that the Districts and the Department shall hold public hearings at the following times and locations:

  • November 13, 2018, at 1:00 pm Mountain Time,
    at the Upper Republican NRD office,
    511 E 5th St, Imperial, NE 69033;
  • November 13, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. Central Time,
    at the Curtis City Hall,
    201 Garlick Ave, Curtis, NE 69025;
  • November 14, 2018, at 1:00 p.m. Central Time,
    at the Tri-Basin NRD office,
    723 Burlington St, Holdrege, NE 68949; and 
  • November 14, 2018, at 4:00 p.m. Central Time,
    Lower Republican NRD office,
    30 North John Street, Alma, NE 68920.

As required by Neb. Rev. Stat. § 46-755, the purpose of the hearing is to take testimony on the proposed Republican River Basin-Wide Plan (Basin-Wide Plan). The geographic area of the Basin-Wide Plan is the extent of the Nebraska portion of the Republican River surface water basin.  A general description of the contents of the sections of the proposed Basin-Wide Plan is: 1) introduction; 2) goals and objectives; 3) monitoring; 4) plan implementation schedule; 5) funding; 6) plan area; and 7) glossary. The plan includes the following appendices: A) local hydrology; B) data and information used; C) plan development; D) relevant history of water management; E) procedures for addressing conflicts; F) water management presentation materials; G) water market summary; H) allocation summary; and I) riparian evapotranspiration and removal of invasive vegetation. The proposed Basin-Wide Plan includes no controls.

Any interested person may appear at the hearing and present written or oral testimony concerning the proposed Basin-Wide Plan. Individuals with disabilities may request auxiliary aids and service necessary for participation by contacting the Districts or the Department by November 7, 2018. Testimony or other evidence relevant to the purposes of the hearing may also be submitted in writing by 5:00 pm, November 9, 2018, to any of the following:

  • Upper Republican NRD
    P.O. Box 1140, Imperial, NE 69033
  • Middle Republican NRD
    220 Center Ave, Curtis, NE 69025
  • Lower Republican NRD
    P.O. Box 618, Alma, NE 68920
  • Tri-Basin NRD
    1723 Burlington St, Holdrege, NE 68949
  • Nebraska Department of Natural Resources,
    P.O. Box 64676, Lincoln NE 68509-4676,
    or by electronic mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The full text of the proposed Basin-Wide Plan may be obtained via the  Upper Republican NRD’s website ( or telephone (308-882-5173), the Middle Republican NRD’s website ( or telephone (308-367-4281), the Lower Republican NRD’s website ( or telephone (308-928-2182), the Tri-Basin NRD’s website ( or telephone (308-995-6688) , and the Department’s website ( or telephone (402-471-2363). Following the public hearing, the Districts and the Department will make a joint decision within 60 days of whether to implement the proposed Basin-Wide Plan with or without modifications.


More information can be found on the Republican River Basin-Wide Plan website.  It contains agendas, handouts presentations and other documents share and the Republican River Stakeholder Advisory Committee meetings.

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality’s 2018 Clean Diesel Rebate Program is now accepting applications for replacement of eligible diesel irrigation engines with all-electric equipment. 

Applications must be submitted to NDEQ by December 15, 2018 to be considered.

Diesel irrigation engines may be replaced with an electric motor to power a surface pump or by connecting an existing submersible pump directly to the electric grid.  The replaced diesel engine must be scrapped.

NDEQ will reimburse 60% of the cost of the electrical equipment, installation, and required electric line extension up to a maximum of $20,000.  The rebate may be combined with a financial incentive from the electric utility to partially defray the cost of service line extension.  Each applicant may apply to replace one diesel engine.  NDEQ anticipates funding twenty irrigation engine rebates.


  • To be eligible, the existing diesel irrigation engine must have engine horsepower and model year within the ranges specified below:

Current Diesel Engine Horsepower

Current Engine Model Year and Emissions Tier

0-50 HP

2005 and Newer, Unregulated – Tier 2

51-300 HP

1995 and Newer, Tier 0 – Tier 3

301+ HP

1985 and Newer, Tier 0 – Tier 3

  • The diesel engine must be in operating condition and have historical operations of at least 500 hours annually.  A pre-replacement inspection may be made to verify the engine condition.
  • The diesel engine must have a legible serial number stamped into the block or listed on an engine data tag affixed to the engine.
  • Applicants must certify on the rebate application that their current engine is not scheduled for replacement before September, 2021.


The application and instructions for this rebate program are available from the following web page:

Applications must be accompanied by one set of quotes for the replacement motor and/or electrical equipment, installation, and service line extension by the electric service supplier.

Applications must be submitted to NDEQ by December 15, 2018 to be considered.

More information about the 2018 Clean Diesel Rebate Program can be found in the attached Press Release and at the program website:

If you have questions, please use the contact information below.

Randy Smith


Air Quality Division

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality

1200 N Street, Suite 400

P.O. Box 98922

Lincoln, NE 68509-8922

DIRECT: (402) 471-4272  /  MAIN OFFICE: (402) 471-2186

Students kindergarten through twelfth grade have the opportunity to compete in the district wide poster competition.  This year's theme is "Watersheds; Our Water, Our Home."  Click on 2018 NACD Poster Contest for more information.  

UNL publication providing information and treatment of bagworms, webworms and tent caterpillars.

Now is the time to treat for Bagworms and Tent Caterpillars. Click on Brochure for more information.

Additional Information on Bagworms can be found on Nebraska Extension website.

(Alma, NE) Lower Republican Natural Resources District (LRNRD) and Nebraska Bostwick Irrigation District (NBID) have signed an Agreement through which the LRNRD will contribute $1 million to Bostwick’s upcoming automated gate project. This project will significantly improve the efficiency of the Franklin Canal in South Central Nebraska helping to preserve precious water in the Republican Basin.

“This project is the very definition of a ‘Win-Win’ situation,” said Todd Siel, General Manager of the Lower Republican Natural Resources District. “Our directors are pleased the project will now be entering the construction phase and are excited about the future of this partnership with Nebraska Bostwick.”

Nebraska Bostwick operates a series of canals within the LRNRD downstream from the Harlan County Reservoir, including the Franklin Canal, which delivers water from Harlan County Lake and the Republican River for surface irrigation.

This project, designed and built by Rubicon Water Systems out of Fort Collins, CO, is designed to install more efficient automated gates on the Franklin Canal, thus allowing for the retention of additional water in Harlan County Lake. The estimated benefit, in terms of water savings, should be over 2700 acre-feet per year achieved through timelier and more precise deliveries of water to Bostwick’s surface irrigation customers.

Tracy Smith, General Manager, of Bostwick Irrigation District said, “I want to thank Todd and the Board of Directors with the LRNRD, as well as the Board of Directors for Bostwick Irrigation District for their efforts and cooperation on this historic achievement. The project will provide much better control and reliability for the district’s water supply, which will conserve water. We are excited to have the cooperation with the Lower Republican NRD, as well as the technical and financial guidance we have received from the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (NDNR). We look forward to the implementation of the project, as well as future joint partnerships with LRNRD and NDNR to maximize water supplies in the Republican River Basin.” 

A grant of $2 million from the Nebraska Water Sustainability Fund will pay 60 percent of the $3.2 million cost with the LRNRD contributing $1 million and NBID contributing the rest of the required matching funds. Prep work is expected to begin later this month.

The Lower Republican Natural Resources District (LRNRD), works to protect lives, protect property, and protect the future of Nebraska’s natural resources. To learn more about the Lower Republican NRD visit LRNRD is located at 30 N John St, Nebraska 68920.  Email LRNRD at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the LRNRD at (308) 928-2182.

On March 22, in recognition of World Water Day, Humanities Nebraska announced plans for a yearlong celebration of Nebraska’s water resources.“Celebrate Nebraska Water” will coincide with a Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition, Water/Ways, which will travel to six Nebraska communities from June 2018 through April 2019.The Water/Ways exhibition will provide visitors with the opportunity to explore the relationships between people and water; water as both a critical resource and sacred symbol, asubject of politicians, authors, economists and artists, and a source of food, recreation, work, and celebration. The exhibition will be hosted at the following locations:Niobrara National Scenic River Visitor Center in Valentine June 23 through August 3Custer County Historical Society Museum in Broken Bow August 11 through September 21Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art in David City September 29 through November 9Nebraska Prairie Museum in Holdrege November 17 through December 21Knight Museum and Sandhills Center in Alliance January 5 through February 15, 2019Legacy of the Plains in Gering February 23 through April 7, 2019Because water is so essential to Nebraska, a number of Nebraska organizations will join in promoting “Celebrate Nebraska Water!” These organizations include: The Crane Trust, Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska, The Groundwater Foundation, The Nature Conservancy in Nebraska, Nebraska Association of ResourcesDistricts, Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, Nebraska Extension, Nebraska State Historical Society, Nebraska State Irrigation Association, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications, Platte Basin Timelapse, Prairie Loft Center for Outdoor and Agricultural Learning, and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.These collaborating organizations encourage all Nebraskans to make a special effort to enjoy, protect, and learn more about Nebraska’s water resources in all its forms. Libraries, museums, schools, and other organizations are encouraged to schedule activities related to waterduring the upcoming year.Visit for a list of events and resources.Water/Ways is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration of the Smithsonian Institution and Humanities Nebraska, a private, nonprofit serving the state with programming related to history and culture. The exhibition and associated programming is brought to Nebraska with funding support from the Nebraska Cultural Endowment, Brown Transfer Company,Valley, and other generous donors.

Project pdf Fact Sheet

pdf DRAFT of pdf Platte-Republican Diversion Project Feasibility Review

CNPPID Approves Diversion Project with NRDs

NET Story "Proposal Would Divert Platte River Water to the Republican River"  View the story here.


  pdf Occupation Tax Letter               pdf Occupation Tax Exempt Form 2018

*Please note that beginning in 2018, both the Owner and Operator may be required to sign the form.

pdf Chemigation Rules and Regulations Effective 3-19-2015

Chemigation Form located at the top right of this page under DOWNLOAD FORMS

pdf Chemigation Form Instructions

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) is encouraging all commercial specialty crop growers to register their crop(s) on the DriftWatch/BeeCheck web registry.  This voluntary tool will help to increase communication between commercial specialty crop growers and nearby pesticide applicators.  Growers go online to register their contact information and crop locations.  Pesticide applicators can go to the online map or get direct data feeds to their mapping program.  They can then adjust their spray applications to reduce the potential for drift.  Specialty crops include grapes, other fruits, vegetables, beehives, greenhouses/high tunnels, nursery crops, orchards, fish farms, non-specialty certified organic and transition to certified organic crops, and an ‘other’ category, which could include plants grown for seed, cut flowers, flowers for scented products, woody florals, etc.

Under the Nebraska Pesticide Act, it is a violation to allowing a pesticide to drift off of the target site.  Some pesticide labels now require applicators to either check DriftWatch or a similar online registry, or even survey adjacent properties for specialty crops.  The more producers that post to DriftWatch there will be fewer problems with drift.  And NDA would like to have the most current and complete registry as possible.

Please take a look at this infographic below, and go to to start the registration process.  There is a user guide for specialty crop growers found in the Resources section at this link.  Please contact Craig Romary, Environmental Programs Specialist at the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, 402-471-6883 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Click on the link below to go to the DNR website to look up wells.  At the bottom of the page you can access On-line Options and Information which has forms you may need to change ownership, making a well inactive, modification, etc.

Groundwater Well Registration

Option 1

calculatorapp Water Meter Calculator App

This University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension App will help irrigators calculate the amount of water pumped by their irrigation pumping plant.

The Water Meter Calculator App allows the user to store data, such as field size in acres, flow meter units and allocation and annual irrigation caps for each field.

The app is available for download at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for $1.99.  

Option 2

Click on the link with the compatible excel for your computer and enable editing on the bar at the top.  Choose meter type, type in Field Name and click on Make Field.  At the bottom of the screen is a tab with the Field Name you just entered.  Click on that and it will take you into the calculator sheet. 

  spreadsheet Calculator for Excel 2003                     default Calculator for Excel 2010

Option 3

UNL link to simple web version:

Option 4

  pdf Printable Formula

  pdf Employment Application

Lower Republican NRD | 30 North John Street | P.O. Box 618 | Alma, NE 68920 | Phone: 308.928.2182 / 800.353.1297 | E-mail: lrnrd @