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NDEE is offering free nitrate sample kits for private drinking water wells. The kits are available until March 1, 2024. Please click the link to find out more information. NDEE offers free nitrate sample kits

Is water from your private well safe to drink? If your drinking water test levels are above 10 PPM of nitrates, you may be eligible for a rebate on a reverse osmosis system to remove nitrates from you private well. Applications will now be accepted and reviewed for consideration on a month-to-month basis. Submitted applications will be given equal consideration as long as funding for the program remains available in the month in which the application is submitted. Private wells must be registered with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources. For well registration information visit: You must also get your well tested by the state laboratory. To request a test kit go to: Funding amounts up to $4,000 per small treatment installations are available.   For more information about the rebate, please visit:

The Lower Republican Natural Resources District adopted the Republican River-Basin Wide Plan on March 1, 2019.  Please click on the file below to review the Full Basin Wide Plan.



 Occupation Tax Letter

Occupation Tax Form      

*Please note that beginning in 2018, both the Owner and Operator are required to sign.

Chemigation Rules and Regulations have been incorporated into the Lower Republican NRD Rules and Regulations below.

Chemigation Form Instructions      Chemigation Form 2024



NCORPE Website    pdf NCORPE Factsheet

 Check out this awesome, informative video about the augmentation project south of North Platte

N-CORPE Augmentation Project

Click on the link below to go to the DNR website to look up wells.  At the bottom of the page you can access On-line Options and Information which has forms you may need to change ownership, making a well inactive, modification, etc.

Groundwater Well Registration

Option 1

Click on the link with the compatible excel for your computer and enable editing on the bar at the top.  Choose meter type, type in Field Name and click on Make Field.  At the bottom of the screen is a tab with the Field Name you just entered.  Click on that and it will take you into the calculator sheet. 

  spreadsheet Calculator for Excel 2003                     default Calculator for Excel 2010

Option 2

A link to UNL's Irrigation Meter Calculator:

Option 3

If you prefer a paper method, you can use this  pdf Printable Formula .

  pdf Employment Application (2021)  

FY2024 Budget

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