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Administered by the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, in partnership with the Natural Resources Districts and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Nebraska Soil & Water Conservation Fund provides state financial assistance to Nebraska landowners for the installation of approved soil and water conservation measures that improve water quality, conserve water, and help control erosion and sedimentation.

Among the eligible practices for cost-share assistance are terraces, terrace outlets, irrigation reuse pits, grade stabilization structures, dams, diversions, grassed waterways, control basins, pasture and range seeding, planned grazing systems, and irrigation water management.
The Nebraska Natural Resources Commission, which is a 16-member group with responsibilities relating to the Department of Natural Resources, determines the list of eligible practices, establishes the operating procedures for the fund and annually allocates the funds among the 23 Natural Resources Districts. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service provides the technical assistance needed in planning and installing the approved conservation measures. The Natural Resources Districts are responsible for the administration of the program at the local level, including accepting applications from landowners, setting priorities and working with the landowners and contractors to complete the practices and prepare the necessary documentation for submittal to the Department of Natural Resources.

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