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  • To apply for a chemigation permit, a cooperator needs to contact the LRNRD main office at 308.928.2182.
  • Safety equipment will be inspected prior to use (see video link below). Application is approved if all equipment is functional. An application will not be approved until all equipment passes inspection.
  • Cooperator must have a current Certified Applicator’s Permit or have someone who has a Certified Applicator’s Permit set up and calibrate chemigation equipment prior to use.
  • Approved applications must be renewed yearly by June 1st. If not renewed by June 1st, the permit expires.
  • Renewed applications are spot-checked once within a four-year period.
  • Cooperator’s or the person setting up and calibrating chemigation equipment must renew their Certified Applicator’s Permit every fourth year.

pdf LRNRD Chemigation Form 2023          

pdf Chemigation Form fillable form 2023

UNL Online Chemigation Certification Info

Chemigation Applicator Certification Status

In Person Chemigation Training Dates

Permit Costs

  • New Chemigation Permit, $75
  • Permit Renewal, $25
  • Emergency Permit, $500

Chemigation Inspection and Agri-Chemical pump Video's

Click this video to observe a chemigation inspection conducted by the LRNRD. Chemigation Operation and Inspection (LRNRD) on Vimeo

Watch this video that related to the agri-chemical pump and a potential failure from systems being operated remotely. Chemigation Agrichemical Pump Shutoff (LRNRD) on Vimeo


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